Why should you make turmeric a part of your diet?

Why should you make turmeric a part of your diet?

Individuals, world over use turmeric, a spice that is a staple in their diet. All the curries have a dash of turmeric in them.  Since ages, certain communities believe that drinking hot milk with turmeric for body aches.  It is one of those remedies that have been handed down in families from time immemorial.  

It has been used in beauty products since ancient times.  A turmeric paste is applied before wedding as a ritual to beautify the brides and grooms. Girls add a dash of turmeric to their face pack to get that clear, glowing skin that is the envy of film stars.

Medical studies now vindicate their claims by admitting that turmeric is indeed a wonder spice.  It is now acknowledged that regular intake of turmeric can cure a number of ailments.  Turmeric capsules contain compounds which are especially beneficial for the humans and some of these are discussed below:-

  1. Turmeric has been well established as an anti- inflammatory agent and packs of turmeric have been applied to sprains and injuries. Now, doctors also recommend ingesting turmeric as an anti-inflammatory agent to patients suffering from arthritis and it is available in the form of turmeric tablets.
  1. Turmeric is also a sure-fire cure for digestive problems.  Intake of turmeric aids in the production of bile, which cuts down dyspepsia and also indigestion.  Many tablets that are sold over the counter for curing indigestion contain turmeric.  It prevents bloating and gas, and keeps the internal system of a person, healthy.  Bowels also benefit from a dose of turmeric, as it prevents inflammation. Patients suffering from inflamed bowels find relief with an intake of turmeric.
  1. One of the most dreaded diseases of current times is the heart disease.  Turmeric can help to lower LDL, commonly known as the bad cholesterol.  It prevents cholesterol from building a layer of plaque on blood vessels.  This alone can reduce the risk of heart attack a great deal. Turmeric also prevents platelets in blood from clumping, which reduces the risk of blood clots forming.
  1. Cancer is a disease that kills the people afflicted by it. Some forms of cancer are found to be curable by consuming turmeric.  A compound of turmeric, curcumin is a very effective antioxidant. A coating of turmeric prevents the body cells from damage from oxidation. In this way, the very risk of cancer is greatly reduced. Scientists are still working on the theory that intake of turmeric kills cancer of prostate, skin, breast and colon.  Their tests and studies so far have been very encouraging, and ongoing tests are likely to confirm the positive effects on these types of cancer as well.
  1. Alzheimer’s disease afflicts the elderly and is a debilitating disease that is widely feared as there is no known cure for it.  However, early studies indicate turmeric helpful in preventing this as it crosses the blood and brain barrier.  Inflammation and oxidative damage are the major causes of leading to Alzheimer’s.  Turmeric has been seen to directly prevent inflammation and oxidative damage to the cells.

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