Your guide to workouts for losing weight

Your guide to workouts for losing weight

Everyone wants to have a fit, lean and a healthy body and try to take the easy way out to achieve it which often fails them and results in weight gain. Starving or fasting and following impossible diets are the easy routes many take that often fail. The secret of a well-toned, lean and active body is working out that requires your time and dedication. The right guidance and introduction to the right kind of exercises and to buy Dianabol tablets is all you need to achieve your goal of a healthy and lean body. 

The secret work outs for losing weight and for lean and toned body

Strength training exercises and high-intensity interval training are the new secret of losing weight in a healthy way and also quickly. Such exercises are known to target the fat cells that are the key for losing weight. Cardio exercises help you to lose weight as well but there are not cell specific and you may end up losing muscle cells along with fat cells and thus the latest approach that is strength training is known to work the best.

Many have the misconception that strength training that involves weight lifting is only for body builders. Many also fail to realize the effectiveness of this weight loss training regimen. High-intensity interval training involves a heavy burst of high intensity physical activity followed by a low intensity physical activity or rest period. For instance, when you run for a period of five minutes followed by a walk for another five minutes is a good example of high-intensity interval training. 

Ideal workout regimen

Your ideal weight loss workout regimen must contain thirty minutes of cardio for a week which implies that you can perform ten minutes of cardio three days a week. Brisk walks and jogging are some of the best cardio workouts that you can implement in your workout regimen. 

Bench lift, deadweight, bench press, squat, etc are some of the strength training exercises that work wonders for you to reveal the lean body you have always dreamed of. These exercises are known to work wonders but it is important to start slow and to take it easy by gradually increasing the duration and the reps. 

Strength training for both men and women

Strength training is for all sexes and even the ladies can achieve lean and toned body with strength training and weight lifting where they can start with dumbbells. Single-leg dumbbell row, step-up with bicep curl, dolphin plank, curtsy lunge, etc are some of the strength training exercises that can be performed at the comforts of you home where you do not require fancy gym equipments apart from a pair of dumbbells. If you cannot afford dumbbells then you can use a one liter water bottle that is filled with water and gradually move on to two liter water bottle that make an excellent substitute to dumbbells. 

Cardio exercises can be performed during your rest days to remain active and enhance weight loss.

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